Second Avenue Subway Opens

As a native new Yorker. I remember my uncle telling me as a child, that Second Avenue Subway would be finished when I became an adult. Well. the grand opening has finally arrived today.

Gov. Mario Cuomo arrived at the opening 96 Street Station of the Second Avenue Subway line. He gave a speech before going into the subway. While on the initial ride, he continued the speech on the subway car’s public address system..

There are three new stations and one station that is enlarged.

  • 96 street
  • 86 Street
  • 72 Street
  • Lexington and 63 Street, improved and upgraded but not a new station

Q Subway StationsThe new stations are cookie cut. Almost exactly the same. I wish New York Subway system had public bathroom like other major subway systems.

I love the new line because it goes to important shopping centers and tourist sites while reducing commute times by 15 minutes. The new 96 street station is so convenient compared to the 6 line. Because Second Avenue residents have to talk up a hill in order to reach Lexington Avenue subway line.

  • Roosevelt Island
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Times Square
  • Herald Square
  • Union Square
  • Chinatown

The new subway line shortens trip times from Upper East side by about 15 minutes.

96 Street Station UESResidential housing Construction at Upper East side is booming. The new subway stations are sorely needed.

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