VMs for Local Development at WPNYC


Photo credit: Scott Becker

Presenting at WordCamp NYC Meetup from 6PM.in Microsoft Headquarters New York City.

This talk will explain the features, benefits and advantages of Vagrant, why it is so awesome and how you can get up and running quickly. Vagrant is a great piece of software that creates reproducible and portable virtual machines which can be used as web servers for local WordPress testing environments. Vagrant is a tool for managing virtual machines – creating a programmatic way create and configure virtual machines that mimic an application’s production environment.

I’ve collected a few WordPress-related Vagrant resources that will help you get started. Will discuss many of the different vagrant boxes used to create a portable WordPress environment that are cross-platform compatible and easily to be deployed to almost any live environment.

For those who could not attend, please see slides below. When there are questions, please contact me to receive more free resources which includes a Vagrant for WordPress Developers quick start guide among others.


Event Site: Microsoft Headquarters New York City.
Street Address: 11 Times Square, New York, NY, 10036

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