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RailsBridgeNYC Nov 9, 2013

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Been teaching Ruby on Rails workshop for past three years. The focus will be on developing functional web apps and programming in Ruby.

About Workshop

This workshop is intended to reach out to women who are interested in learning Ruby on Rails. Men are welcome to come if you find a woman who wants to learn Ruby on Rails and come together.

In this workshop, we’ll take you through building a complete web application using Ruby on Rails. By the end of the day, you’ll have an application that connects to a database and reads and writes information. Please note that Installfest is required for participation in this workshop. We’ll meet up on Friday to install all of the software you need, and then spend Saturday learning and writing code. Programmers of all skill levels are welcome. We will have different classes separated by experience level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).

Class Levels for Ruby on Rails

Somewhat New to Programming

  • You may have used the terminal a little — to change directories, for instance
  • You might have done an online programming tutorial or two
  • You don’t have a lot of experience with Rails
  • You know what a method is
  • You aren’t totally clear on how a request gets from the browser to your app

Some Rails Experience

  • You’re comfortable using the terminal, but not necessarily a Power User
  • You have a general understanding of a Rails app’s structure, perhaps from a prior workshop or tutorial
  • You know how to define a method in Ruby
  • You have a decent handle on Ruby arrays and hashes

Orange Other Programming Experience

  • You’re proficient in another language and understand general programming concepts, like collections and scope.
  • You’re new to Ruby and Rails
  • You might be familiar with version control and basic web architecture

Purple Ready for the Next Challenge

  • You’ve exhausted the fun of the Suggestotron/Intro Rails curriculum
  • You’re comfortable with the terminal
  • You want to problem-solve instead of copying other’s code
  • You want to build an app without using scaffolds

Trying something new, a virtual machine!

We’re switching our workshops and experimenting with a new type of Installfest that will use HashiCorp’s open source program called “Vagrant” instead of a traditional set up.

Check out all the curriculum materials.

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