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john-s-tech-jobs-academy-236288_imageWon a scholarship to attend a 16 weeks intensive program to develop highly sought-after skills in DevOps, cloud and server administration sponsored by Microsoft.

In 2015, President Obama announced the TechHire Initiative to create pathways to quality, well-paying tech jobs nationwide.  In the associated White House announcement, the Tech Jobs Academy concept was identified as a model.  Later that year, 282 New Yorkers applied to participate. This pilot program served twenty-five motivated New Yorkers.

Finally, in 2016, Microsoft, the Mayor’s Tech Talent Pipeline, and the New York City College of Technology (commonly known as City Tech) delivered the intensive 16 week pilot program, empowering people with in-demand, life-changing tech skills.  Over the past handful of months, participants studied cloud and server administration and supplemented those technical skills with career development and interpersonal training.

As a member of the fist graduating cohort, we did project and lab work to build out private, public and hybrid clouds using Windows Server 2012r2 and Azure from scratch. Spent 16 weeks developing highly sought-after skills in cloud and server administration.

This program is a collaboration between Microsoft, the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline and the City University of New York (CUNY). In its pilot year, these partners have joined together to launch Tech Jobs Academy at CUNY’s New York City College of Technology.

Anthony Alvarez Cloud Serve administrator degree

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For those interested in this amazing program, please contact me for details.

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