Web Syndication

Company wanted  to increase sell through at major retailers web sites. It also wanted to automate distribution on web content to major retailers website. Product line up was very complicated however. There were many variations of each product according to color and style. It was difficult to make sure all retailers had updated web content, images, videos, etc. for their specific product line. I came up with a solution for web content syndication. Evaluated vendors and finally negoitiated 10% discount with the best vendor. As a result Sales Increased by 41%, Visibility Increased  by 122% verified by web metrics.


PhpCollab SoftwareSaved company over 20% on development and project management costs by revamping web content management work flow by using PDF and project collaboration bulletin board software between a 5 member team. Business process improvements allowed marketing and product management teams to implement new content at website in efficient and predictable manner.