November 2012 Chess Video

Chess Tournament Nov 2012

Photo: Corky Lee

Producing monthly web Video for NY Chess Kids Tournaments in New York City. This month features Video features Colette Smith with her six year old son Joshua.




In Manhattan the trains and cell phones and power are working, milk is back on the shelves, and the lines for gas are not near as long as they were just last week. Not all, but almost all of NYC is back to normal after the biggest, worse storm to hit North America north of Cape Hatteras. On the news one hears of folk who really have it tough in the Rockaways and Staten Island.

Latest video Apparently most everyone, students and parents were tired of being constrained and cooped up. They signed up to play chess by the droves. We had near 225 kids today, and of course about that many parents. Outside, the sun was shining profusely. A few kids were wearing Halloween outfits, a few were wearing soccer uniforms for games later in the afternoon. Parents brought newspapers and tablets. The NYChessKids staff were going to and fro. It all made for an interesting day.

Next tournament is on December 9 at Lower Lab, and then the last tournament in 2012 on December 16 is back at PS116.

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