Administrator Certificate

Salesforce,cin Certificate of Completion Admin Workshop

Created a (SFDC) instance for Casio America Inc in Dover NJ. Was the only database administrator at the firm. Worked with all departments of the company to build account. For example: IT department had all the data in a JD Edwards database. Had to export, normalize and de-duplicate all data into CSV tables for import into SFDC. Had to work with Marketing to setup opportunities and campaigns. Had to work with sales team to setup sales activity forms. Had to work with senior management to setup security and reports. Won employee of the month award.

SFDC is a product that helps staff in different departments work together smoothly. It augments the typical email and phone channels of communication. In addition to being a SFDC Database administrator, I setup systems in the company to help remote sales people learn SFDC. For example: I setup training classes for sales people at monthly sales meetings in the head office. Dashboards help senior management in both US and Japan manage the business remotely. SFDC allows senior management to define KPI and benchmarks to grow the business. Worked closely with senior management to configure good looking dashboards.

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