Ruby on Rails Teaching Assistant

ruby on rails logoVolunteering as a teaching assistant at Ruby on Rails Outreach Workshop for Women this weekend. Workshop is for women and their guests only. Seating is limited to 15 students.


RailsBridge workshops are a free and fun way to get started or level up with Rails, Ruby, and other web technologies. RailsBridge organizes and teaches free workshops on Rails, Ruby, and HTML & CSS in cities all over the world.

Led by an all-volunteer team of seasoned, enthusiastic Ruby and Rails developers, this workshop introduces women of all backgrounds to the concepts, tools, and techniques of Ruby and Rails development. Our audience is those with no or little programming experience.

Ruby on Rails, often simply called “Rails,” is an open source web application framework which runs on the Ruby programming language. It is a full-stack framework: it allows creating pages and applications that gather information from the web server, talk to or query the database, and render templates out of the box.

Ruby on Rails emphasizes the use of well-known software engineering patterns and principles, such as:

Space is donated by Sony and Workshop will be held at Sony DADC/rGenerator.

Sony DADC New Media Solutions, a division of Sony Corporation, is a pioneering provider of end-to-end digital supply chain solutions to customers across the media and entertainment industries, including major film studios, broadcasters, music labels, game companies, software providers, and other content providers. Driven by quality, excellence and innovation we draw on proven expertise and a unique understanding of the global media marketplace to develop next-generation solutions that deliver the speed and efficiency required by today’s digital media businesses and the audiences they serve. With facilities across the globe including major hubs in Los Angeles, New York, London, Salzburg, and Hong Kong, Sony DADC provides innovative and intelligent supply chain solutions that enable our customers to respond quickly to every media opportunity – anywhere in the world.

The GENERATOR team within Sony DADC is responsible for creating customer-facing applications and web experiences that allow entertainment brands and media assets to connect directly to fans. In a rapidly evolving digital space, the group is responsible for exploring new opportunities and defining the future of digital discovery and consumption. The GENERATOR network supports hundreds of web properties, generates millions of dollars in revenue, and spans platforms such as ecommerce, mobile distribution, artist websites, social networking, media streaming, and more.

Signup for next Ruby on Rails Outreach Workshop for Women at RailsBridgeNYC website.


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