My Debut in Japanese Cinema

Anthony Alvarez as Ambassador to Tuvalu in Human Trust Movie

Anthony Alvarez as Ambassador to Tuvalu in Human Trust Movie

I will make my debut as Ambassador of Tuvalu in Junji Sakamoto’s upcoming financial thriller Human Trust (Jinrui Shikin), which features an impressive cast. The scenes in which I appear were filmed at General Assembly at the United Nations in New York City.

Because the film involves the international financial system, scenes were shot on location in four different countries including Japan, Russia, Thailand, and the United States. Filming began in Khabarovsk, Russia from February 26 and moved to Thailand in March.

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jinrui-shikinThe film is based on an original story by Harutoshi Fukui (KT,Aegis) and revolves around the controversial “M-Fund” gathered by the Imperial Japanese Army. It originally consisted of precious metals and other valuables confiscated by SCAP unit commander Major-General William Marquat with the intention of using it for post-war rebuilding efforts. However, the lack of clear records of what became of it after it was turned back over to the Japanese government has led to rumors that is still exists. Subsequently, these rumors have led to countless financial scams and conspiracy theories involving a hidden influence of governmental politics.

Koichi Sato will play the protagonist Yuichi Mafune, a man who is officially a “finance broker”, but in reality is a scam artist. One day he’s contacted by a man named Seki on behalf of a mysterious person known as “M” who wants Mafune to help steal from the M-Fund.

Here’s a full list of Sato’s supporting cast:

Human Trust” will be released by Shochiku in Japan on October.19, 2013.

Prior to this contirbuted a couple of nationaly televised shows

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By surprise I met fellow actors Fung Shui Master RD Chin and Lorenzo Beronilla on the set. Both were portaying Ambassadors of Bhutan.

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