Kaufman GrowthVenture Graduation

20130523_201945bGraduated from FastTrack GrowthVenture.

Lucky to have supportive teachers and classmates to develop my business acumen

FastTrac GrowthVenture consists of:

  • An 8-session classroom training held twice a week over 4 weeks (4-hours per session)
  • One-on-one assistance from experienced entrepreneurs who will help you review ideas, assignments, and business plan
  • Interactive presentations from successful entrepreneurs who can share their experience
  • Connection to services that will help you operate and expand your business, including NYC Business Express to learn about the licenses and permits required for your business and NYC Business Solutions to get loan facilitation, legal, hiring and training assistance, and learn about incentives you may be eligible for.

Thank you to my instructors:

  • Geri Stengel
  • Stefan Doering

Good luck to my classmates in their respective business’:

  1. Bobby Weinberger
  2. Sotiris Dimitropoulos
  3. Emil Ramnarine
  4. Angelique LeDoux
  5. Adrian Walter-Ginzburg
  6. Lilian Hsu
  7. Angelique LeDoux
  8. Karen Miller
  9. Angela Gong
  10. Lorin Jones
  11. Mohammed Rahman
  12. Jennifer Friedlin
  13. Alexsis Nembhard
  14. Sotiris Dimitropoulos

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