Kauffman FastTrac Graduation

Had to opportunity to develop my business ideas for new web based software and service offering at Kauffman Fasttrac New Venture v4.5.





About Kauffman Fasttrac


Thank you to my instructors:

Good luck to my classmates in their respective business’:

  1. Maria Tangonan
  2. Joseph Ruotolo
  3. Stephen Ditmore
  4. Shagari Guity
  5. Keith L. Forest
  6. Matthew Whitenack
  7. Joseph Gomez
  8. Azriel Alleyne
  9. Saleemah
  10. Robin Barone
  11. Nicole Carroll
  12. Jeanine Caunt
  13. Brian Curry Hartmann
  14. Andrew Hannibal
  15. Margie Smith Holt
  16. Johanna Rustia
  17. Judy Shoobe
  18. Jasmine Tolbert
  19. Meredith Tomason
  20. Peter Kabcenell
  21. Hina Ahmad
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Photo credit: Maria Tangonan



FastTrac New Venture class was held at SUNY Levin Institute in New York City.
116 East 55th St, New York, NY





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