Joomla Site Performance

Cache is King

Browser load speed is a critical success factor in web development. It effects the entire user experience. Users tend to prefer fast loading web sites

Before changing site configuration, determine bottlenecks in your web site using free tool called Web Page Test. It provides lots of detail as to why a site could be slow.

The specific site I am working on uses Joomla 1.5 and built-in cache does not work. When enabled, pages does not render properly. Hopefully built-in cache will be fixed in a more recent release of Joomla. But in until that time, the following methods were used to increasing web page speed Joomla.

  1. Enable Gzip compression
  2. Use JOTcache.extension

Finding Gzip compression settings:

  1. Site Menu
  2. Global Configuration Page
  3. Server Tab
  4. Set Gzip page compression.setting to “ON”

Here is an interesting video about Web Speed Performance using cache techniques that can be configured on server as well as web pages. Steve Souders has written three excellent books on web speed performance. He goes into a deep detail on how to pragmatically use cache. He also goes into detail about metrics used at Web Page Test website.

[slideshare id=14735398&doc=html5dev-cacheisking-20121015-121015104631-phpapp02]

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