HERE maps and location APIs

Lumia App Lab 13Windows Phone 8 Location APIs include:HERE Maps, HERE Drive and HERE Transit.

HERE Maps is for mapping and points of interests. HERE Driving is for point to point directions. HERE Transit is for public mass transit. HERE web services combines all three data in a single web service.

Bing maps have been deprecated and being replaced by HERE Maps with many new features. HERE API allows you to add mapping to a website using Javascript, REST and Mobile HTML5.

HERE API can also build native windows phone 8 experiences with advanced maps, positioning, places, directions and traffic Geolocation tracking is allow to run in background.API include Windows Phone, Android, Jave ME and QT.

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Originally developed for auto industry, HERE maps is now a cloud based map service that can be used on any platform, operating system and device. The map becomes a real time dashboard using an augmented reality browser that becomes much more than a digital version of a traditional paper map.

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