Developing Series 40 Java Apps for Multiple UI Patterns

s40 multiple UINokia is developing low cost feature phones with smart phone functionality like mobile internet, ability to run apps, and full touch user interface.


At about $100 USD per phone, Series S40 use proxy server compression to reduce mobile data plan bandwidth.

End users will enjoy reduced mobile data plan rates compared to a conventional smart phone. because Series 40 phone will allow more subscribers to afford mobile internet. If Nokia’s grand strategy is successful it will expand the market for e-commerce and e-marketing.

Attended webinar to Learn development techniques for projects targeting Series 40 phones with multiple UI patterns: Touch and Type, non-touch, and full touch. Architect your Java™ ME applications and use the right tools to adapt to variations in screen dimensions.

There are 3 user interface types:

  1. Touch and Type with touch screen and built-in keyboard
  2. Non-touch with built-in keyboard only.
  3. Full touch

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