2017 Devember hackathon

Like reading and writing, coding can ( and has to! ) be fun. Through coding you can craft interactive creations, a unique and powerful medium. Being able to code you can think about something and give it life. Coding is awesome. And it’s quite simple, at its basics.

Everyone is encouraged to join Devember. From newbies to pro developers. Everyone can learn. Learning is life. Sharing boosts learning. When, in the contract, you agree to keep a devlog, is because of two reasons. In the first instance it gives you a daily motivation to keep faith to the contract, but it also makes you share your experience with everyone else. This means you will get both the feedback from others and their own experiences. And all this is mutual. This is humanity superpower: community learning. It is together that our societies evolved through history.

Devember is a challenge to yourself by yourself. It’s your challenge.

Devember Rules summary


Whole December. Every day. At least 1 hour a day.


Programming for at least 1 hour. Updating a public devlog about the code done. Updating a public repository with the code done.

The Contract

I, Anthony Alvarez, will join the 2017 Devember hackathon. My Devember project will be to create a program that will copy selected data from a website in one click. I promise I will program for my Devember for at least an hour, every day of the 2017 December. I will also write a daily public devlog and will make the produced code publicly available on the internet. No matter what, I will keep my promise.

Open source software (OSS) is defined as computer software for which the source code and certain other rights normally reserved for copyright holders are provided under a software license that meets the Open Source Definition or that is in the public domain.

Some of my favorite OSS projects are listed below.

I have been using open source software my whole career and Devember is a great opportunity to to give back to the community.


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