Best Slack Groups for Web Developers

Ruby on Rails Workshop 2013/11

Credit: Together Visuals

When you’re just starting out, the tech world can feel pretty intimidating. That’s why open Slack groups are so ideal for tech beginners: You can get career advice, coding help, and general support without ever leaving your chair. Even better? You’ll meet mentors and friends from all across the world—and I probably don’t need to tell you that having a network can make all the difference.

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Data Driven Talent Intelligence Network for Job Search in todays Marketplace

Are there any special tactics and considerations when an job application is submitted into the corporate job portal or “black hole?” When an applicant tweaks a resume for two companies and both companies subscribe to the same Talent Intelligence Network does the software flag the applicant as suspicious? Alternatively, if a person is actually working at a company subscribed to a Talent Intelligence Network, can the employer be automatically notified that one of their employees is doing an active job search? These are the concerns and questions about Talent Social Networks run by Taleo, Brassring and others.

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