Anthony Alvarez

A native New Yorker who graduated Hunter College High School in Manhattan.

Worked as LAN administrator at IBM Federal Systems Division in Rockville and Gaithersburg Maryland.

First job as a software developer was for a Japanese Architecture firm in Tokyo. Created document management database for Desalinization project in Saudi Arabia.

Built first website for Japanese Architecture on Internet called “ArchiWeb.”

Worked on site for clients like: Taisei Construction and Nippon Telephone and Telegraph (NTT).

Build bilingual search engine for English and Japanese languages for Human Resource department of TEPCO, the fated public utility had a terrible nuclear accident due earthquake and typhoon which on Friday March 11, 2011 at 14:26 JST.

Opened subsidiary office for Japanese Architecture firm at NBBJ headquarter in Seattle.

Was employee number three of a Ecommerce startup in Boston. Held multiple titles such as webmaster, LAN Administrator, Customer support supervisor. Company was shut down in the dot com crisis of 2000.

Moved to Atlanta to work as Webmaster at Panasonic Wireless Research Design Center. Entire company was shut down and outsourced to China.

Moved to New Jersey to work as Marketing Manager at Casio Computer.

First person to use YouTube for marketing. First person to use AdWords for marketing. Setup Salesforce.com. Created studio for shooting, editing and distributing web video. My video was used to land Digital Camera contract at Best buy and $10M account at Costco. WebCollage administrator to improve distribution of rich media content to major partner ecommerce sites at Walmart, BJs, Sam’s Club, Best Buy, Circuit City and Radio Shack. Migrated Casio Education micro site from ColdFusion to PHP to reduce costs and increase performance. Managed web contents updates with Director of Marketing.

Taught computer science at a New York City Public school as a volunteer for ScriptED.

Volunteer teacher at Ruby on Rails workshop designed for women in order to increase diversity in the tech community

Graduated 16 week intensive training sponsored by Microsoft and New York City called Tech Jobs Academy to study Windows server and cloud administration.

Gave presentation on Local Development using Virtual Machines at 2016 RailsComp United Nations and Microsoft in Times Square.

Attended 10 year anniversary GORUCO 2016 conference in New York.



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